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GRAND Educational Grant (formerly the Joan Dobek Harrell Memorial Scholarship)

Qualified grant applications must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a student member in good standing with GRAND (VAND and AND) by December 1st of the internship program year in which the money will be used.  Membership will be verified by the GRAND Membership Chair using the official GRAND membership roster.

  • Submit to the GRAND Awards/Scholarship Chair (see Board Roster for contact information) a completed application packet electronically in PDF format no later than February 16th, that will include:

    • Cover Sheet (located here)

    • Application Letter- that outlines the intended use (including dates/location of the educational meeting, if will be presenting, etc.), need, and how attending this meeting/conference will impact their development as a dietetic intern.

  • Only completed applications will be considered by the Board.

  • Grants can be awarded for educational meetings/presentations that have already taken place, however, must be within the timeframe of their Internship program’s duration (i.e. FNCE in October).

Grant winner(s) will be announced at the first general membership/educational meeting of new year and GRAND Social Media outlets.

By May 1st, winner(s) will submit:

  • A request for fund disbursement (via email message) directly to the GRAND President and Treasurer.  The request should include proof of meeting attendance (the meeting registration receipt).

  • A brief summary suitable for a social media posting about how the grant assisted in achieving the recipient’s learning needs and goals directly to the Scholarship/Awards Chair.  Pictures at the meeting are highly encouraged!

Unused yearly allocated funds will go back into the GRAND general budget.

Meet our 2022-2023 Grant Winner!





Looking for an internship program in the greater Richmond, VA region?  Our 3 programs offer varying concentrations and experiences.  Click below to find out more, as well as information on how to apply to any:


VA/MD WIC Dietetic Internship- Virginia Department of Health

Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

Virginia State University

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