I am a first generation college graduate who attended the University of Kentucky and did not even know what a Registered Dietitian was until I enrolled in an entry-level college nutrition course as a chemistry/pre-med major. Once I realized that I could combine my love of food and cooking with the medical field, I quickly made the switch to dietetics.

I have been working in public health for over 12 years and have been in my current position as a State Nutritionist for the Virginia WIC program since 2011. In this role I no longer have direct patient interaction but instead develop trainings and education materials for WIC staff and participants, create and update policy and procedures for and complete reviews of WIC clinic operations throughout the state, and also oversee the WIC-approved formulary and formula prescriptions. In addition to working with WIC, I also coordinate VDH’s Metabolic Formula and Low-Protein Food Programs. While this is not the area of dietetics I ever imagined I would end up in, I can genuinely say that I truly LOVE my job.

I strive to empower the nutrition professionals, paraprofessionals, interns and students that I work with in public health because I know that sometimes this area of practice is overlooked but I also know collectively we will always have a greater reach than any of us could have alone and that our work is important to every community!

Outside of work my life is a bit chaotic but I am not sure that I would know how to survive if it were any other way.  I have 3 school-age children who are active in sports, am currently completing a Masters of Education degree concentrated in Nutrition Education, and my most recent adventure includes the purchase of a 70-acre farm in Powhatan! 

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