Laura Burns Member Spotlight.png

What is your current position of employment?

My current position is the Wellness Policy Specialist for the Virginia Department of Education. I assist schools with shaping the school health environment by serving nutrient-dense foods, teaching nutrition education, and modeling healthy habits.

What inspired you to join the field of dietetics? 

I was an athlete growing up and focused a lot on healthy food choices and physical activity. I was looking for a career that combined a passion in health with helping others in the community. Community nutrition is a great combination of both.

What is the best thing about being a part of GRAND and VAND? 

 I appreciate the ability to connect with other dietitians across Virginia to have a group to network with, learn from, and improve the nutrition profession.

Tell us something surprising about yourself! 

I always planned to work towards a master's degree in public health, but I didn't know when. COVID pushed me to take the first step and I love it so far! I am working full time and going to school part time, which is exhausting, but definitely worth it.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

 My favorite thing to do outside of work is hike with my dog, Calvin, around natural parks in Richmond. Pumphouse Park is our current favorite! And gardening vegetables, like peas, tomatoes, green beans, and lettuce. 

What is your most exciting event planned for 2021? 

My husband and I had a small wedding ceremony in our backyard in April 2020 due to COVID. We're finally able to have a socially-distanced reception this year and we're looking forward to celebrating with friends and family!

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