Why Join GRAND?


Support your local organization to promote dietetics in the greater Richmond area!


CPE units: GRAND meetings/conferences are offered at different times during the year. You will be contacted about these events. 

GRAND members receive 1 free CPE event per membership year to use at an event designated by the GRAND Board (announced via email)- value equals the cost of membership!  Must join by August 31, 2021 to be eligible for the free CPE event.

Networking: Rejuvenate your professional and personal life with GRAND's numerous networking opportunities.  There are many benefits to networking by attending meetings where members can share ideas, nutrition resources and expertise.  Use the Job Openings section to quickly fill open positions, or to stay abreast of the latest employment opportunities, or engage with our Member's Only Message Board!  It pays to remain connected to your fellow professionals.  We encourage all interns and students to become GRAND members. Interns and students do not have to pay for membership.

Grow your business:  Increase your visibility and enhance your private practice by being included in GRAND's referral and speaker's lists.  The public relies more and more on the web to find nutrition information.  Through simple keyword searches as well as links with other popular local sites, they can easily find GRAND's site and therefore you, the nutrition expert!

Leadership: Do you know you can accrue up to 3 CPEUs per year (or 15 CPEUs per 5-year reporting period) by holding an elected or appointed office in a dietetics district organization such as GRAND? What a great way to sharpen your leadership skills and get CPEUs awarded at the same time! If you are interested in holding a board position, please notify our GRAND President directly via the contact page.

Opportunities for awards, grants, professional recognition, scholarships and more are also available to our members!


To join GRAND complete and submit the online registration form. Pay $26.50 using PayPal.


Send a $25.00 check* and the mail-in registration form to:


c/o Sandy Curwood
3043 Stratford Rd.
Richmond, VA 23225

*Please note in Memo line of check "2021-2022 Registration"